The scientific journal “Problems of Geography” is a periodical of the Department of Geography (former Geographical Institute) at the National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography (NIGGG) at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS). It is the only journal in Bulgaria, in which materials of geographic nature are published. The journal is a successor of the “Bulletin of the Geographical Institute”, printed from 1951 till 1975.

In 2023, all previously printed issues of “Bulletin de l`Institut de geography” and “Problems of Geography” journal were scanned and placed on the site in the Archive menu.

The “Problems of Geography” journal is issued in four volumes a year; the scientific papers are published in either Bulgarian, English, Russian, French or German language. The journal contains papers of strictly scientific nature relating to important issues of physical and economic geography (geomorphology, climatology, hydrology, landscape studies, geography of the population and settlements, economic sectors and systems, cartography, geographical aspects of environmental protection, rational use of natural and human resources, labor market, regional development and planning, etc.), as well as papers of theoretical and methodological character, and ones presenting results from scientific and applied research on important and topical issues from all branches of the geographic sciences and the related fields of scientific knowledge. In addition, results from various scientific projects are also published in the journal, as well as scientific reports and discussion materials.

The Editorial Board focuses its attention on the publication of materials which discuss important contemporary scientific issues relating to climate change and the possibilities of social and economic systems to adapt to those changes, the sustainable use of nature, the development of mountain and rural areas, coastal zones, processes of socio-economic transformation, Euroregions, etc. A special place is given to the publishing of scientific papers on topical issues, which papers have not been included in other journals, such as the application of geoinformation technologies for management and modeling of the environmental changes, risk management, population mobility, geographical aspects of the functioning of the labor market, tourism, etc. Those are considered leading research issues by scientists not only in Bulgaria but also abroad.

All submitted materials are anonymously reviewed by two reviewers – members of the Editorial Board, or by the Advisory Board which bodies both comprise eminent scientists from Bulgaria and abroad. In case of two different reviews, the paper is submitted to a third, “superreviewer” (the review procedure is thoroughly described in the “Publication ethics” of the “Requirements to the authors” menu). Materials submitted by scientists from the National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography (NIGGG) are reviewed either by members of the Editorial Board or by members of the International Editorial Board, who are not affiliated to the NIGGG, whereas papers by external authors are reviewed by members of the NIGGG.

A certain part of the illustrations are printed in color. A significant proportion of the materials are printed in English, thus allowing the distribution of the journal through the international book exchange and its use in more than 35 countries worldwide (see the “Journal policy” of “Introduction” menu), while receiving in return valuable foreign editions.

Submitted submissions to Problems of Geography journal are copyrighted. Problems of Geography journal provides immediate open access to its content (in the “Journal policy” of the “Introduction” menu).

Since the beginning of 2020, each published material has a DOI (Digital Object Identifier). Starting from vol. 3-4 / 2024, each individual paper will be subjected to Online First publishing (i.e. publishing an electronic version of the paper in advance of the print edition), thus assuring the timely publishing of new scientific research in the various fields of geography.

The “Problems of Geography” journal can be followed in any of the listed database: Vanity (peer reviewed journal) Google Scholar; NEBIS (Switzerland); UBC (Canada); ECONBIZ (Germany); ROAD; WorldCat ( the world’s largest library catalog); IGB (International Geographical Bibliography); MIAR – index 4.5; COBBIS(BG).

Since 2016, the journal has been issued annually with the financial support of the Bulgarian National Science Fund of the Ministry of Education and Science (BNSF-MES), following a successful participation in the “Bulgarian Scientific Periodicals” competition.

In Bulgaria the “Problems of Geography” journal is distributed via Bulgarian Posts PLC and Dobi Press LTD distributing agency.